cost of replacing teak decks

Five Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Used Grand Banks . Grand Banks are excellent boats. Their construction quality is very high, they age well, and their reputation is strong. All of those factors will help when it comes time to sell the boat. The Grand Banks 42 is one of the most successful boats ever introduced. For these reasons, the GB's are great candidates for those looking for..【Get Price】

current cost estimate for replacing teak deck with nonskid . i need to estimate the cost of replacing the glued teak deck of a 50 foot Grand Soleil 1997. i am in southern california . i think the deck underneath the teak is ok, but will have it imaged to make【Get Price】

Replacing a Teak Deck - Sawmill Creek What I do know is many sailors abhor teak decks because of costs and maintenance but practically everyone of them would say they are beautiful. This particular 485 is about $70K less than anything else on the market, which is probably what it would cost if you had a yard replace the teak decks. Where it's..【Get Price】

Boat Decks: Teak vs Synthetic Teak - Sail Magazine Sep 10, 2016 . By contrast, synthetic teak decking can be installed at a fraction of the cost30 to 50 percent less, depending on the joband requires almost no . fit together in a tongue-and-groove fashion, a better course is to mail a paper template to the factory, which will then produce a finished piece for you to install【Get Price】

teak decks - Baraka Pricing was surprisingly close, and ran about $500 USD per square meter for new decking, versus about a third of that for repair (recaulk and replug using existing teak). All three bidders told us our cabintop decks were overdue for replacement. One consideration was communication. The workers speak limited English, and..【Get Price】

Boatwork in Phuket, Thailand - Bruce Balan COSTS: We were under the impression that work was inexpensive in Thailand. Not so. . Mr. Gig Boat Work Service (Mr. Gig Repair --- Mr.Wararob Punpuech) .. The true quality of a paint job, or fiberglass repair, or new teak deck is not how it looks when the job is done, but how it looks and fares after 10 years of voyaging【Get Price】

Yacht refits, boat repairs and teak deck replacements | Antigua . The painting of a yacht hull here at Antigua Slipway can be done in the water from a raft to the same standard as painting the hull when the yacht is out on the hard. The new refit dock at Antigua Slipway is in total calm and offers the perfect Awlgrip spraying environment. We deploy a boom in the water while painting a luxury..【Get Price】

Teak Decking Systems - any experience with use for replacement of . Does anybody have any direct experience with replacing a teak deck with Teak Decking Systems product ? Looking for input on quality, ease of overall process, cost etc Reference case would be a 42 foot CR type boat and would be a complete replacement..【Get Price】

Replacing Teak Decks, the DIY-er's Way - Practical Sailor Print . Replacing Teak Decks, the DIY-er's Way. One couple's deck-refit story, a tale of trading hard labor for cutting costs. By Joe Minick. The stern area Photos by Joe Minick The stern area, complete with a much smaller king plank, looks great after all the deck hardware has been re-installed. PS contributor Joe Minick and his..【Get Price】

Synthetic Teak Decking - Dec 30, 2016 . There are 3 main reasons, when looking to replace or add teak decks, to consider synthetic man made teak deck alternatives. First is cost then the availability of Teak, and finally if you are looking to be environmentally conscious. In some parts of the world there is a shortage or ban on teak imports【Get Price】

The truth about teak decks - Practical Boat Owner Mar 1, 2016 . If that isn't enough to make you care for your deck, then consider the cost of replacement. Teak costs approximately £3,000 a cubic metre. But you'll need a lot more than you think, because just cutting down a big plank to size wastes a hideous amount of wood. The cost of the teak is a large part of the final..【Get Price】

Teak Deck Replacement - Offered For Sale Five years ago, I removed the teak deck on my 1977 o/s 40 mk II Ketch (Ray Richards), "The Two Dolphins". This is the "improved" version of the o/s 41'. The problems with my teak deck, which are likely quite familiar to most Cheoy Lee owners were many. In the first place, the decks were virtually programmed to failure【Get Price】

Teak Deck in Thailand - The Howarths The result was that we needed to replace 22.7 square metres of teak decking. We had quotes from three suppliers in Phuket, Thailand: Precision Shipwright Services, Phuket Inter Woodwork and Yacht Repair. We've had good reports of the quality of work by all three companies. Yacht Repair quoted the lowest cost (about..【Get Price】

Cost of Teak Decking - Calculate 2018 Prices & Installation Don't let your remodeling budget go over-board by hidden surprises understand what the average installed costs for Teak Decking is in your zip code by using our handy calculator. . Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a Teak Decking contractor estimates are typically free, unless it's a service call for a repair【Get Price】

Teak Deck Maintenance using Boracol - Sailing Britican Oct 20, 2016 . After enquiring about the cost of replacing our teak deck (just out of curiosity), I first had to pick myself off the floor and then I became very eager to make sure we had a teak deck maintenance system in place. For our 56' sailboat with full teak decking the replacement cost to remove, prepare and relay new..【Get Price】

Remove and Replace teak deck with Fiberglass - 49' Grand Banks . This customer had recently purchased this very nice Grand Banks, which unfortunately needed work on the deck, as well as some other changes, including new laundry center, TV cabinet, and other misc items. After investigating cost of new teak, as well as synthetic deck material, the decision was made to remove the old..【Get Price】

Restoring our teak decks | M/V Archimedes An Old Grand Banks 4 2Oct 26, 2012 . Some people love teak decks, some people hate them. We are firmly in the first group. To me, real, seaworthy boats have teak decks. But I understand why others, faced with a significant cost of repair, choose to pull the decks off and go with non-skid fiberglass. Lower cost, and lower maintenance in the..【Get Price】